Life can change on a dime, and hang on a word….Here are some great places to look.

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Amazing Ted Talks

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Julie Burnstein, Four Lessons in Creativity, Ted2012

Béatrice Coron, Stories Cut From Paper, Ted 2011


Linda Hill, How To Manage for Collective Creativity, TedX Cambridge 2014

Shimpei Takakashi, Play This Word Game To Come Up With Creative Ideas, TedX Tokyo2013

Kirby Ferguson, Embrace The Remix, TedGlobal 2012


David Kelley, How To Build Your Creative Confidence, Ted 2012

Erik Johansson Ted Salon London Fall 2011 

Tim Harford, How Frustration Can Make Us More Creative, TedX  London

Kaki King,  A Musical Escape Into A World of Light and Color

Dustin Yellin, A Journey Through The Mind of an Artist, Ted@NYC





Focusing your talents and passions to lead to a life well lived.