My name is Jenny Folk and I am the founder of this site which is designed with all creatives in mind.  Whether you need to add spark and delight back into your art form or figure out how to innovate your business or career, we will provide you with tools you need to start right away.  I’ve been an artist and writer my entire life (I’m in my early fifties), have run art organizations and writer’s groups, taught thousands of students in private and group lessons and made a intensive study of creativity and creative flow as a matter of course.
This is a place to come exploring. We are going to think, examine, indulge, try out and run with lots of thoughts and ideas so we can shake up our stagnant, bogged down creativity genes. I will pool lots of ideas and resources for you here and you can pick what most appeals to you, much is which is free.  I have kept the purchasable material very inexpensive in order to reach the most people because a large part of my business model is to help my fellow creatives who often suffer needlessly over being “blocked” by fear or boredom or both.
We will have regular article postings to open the discussions. There will be links and resources for additional research, if you want it, as well as regular activities to try out. One of the essential tools is a word of the week, which we will explore in an ongoing creativity journal. Powerful business! They are presented at the end of the lessons. But there will also be inspirational quotes, photographs, discussion boards, printable materials, a running resource list (authors, titles, videos, etc) as well as the  purchasable lessons and activities. You get to pick and choose what you want and how much you want. What’s more, you get to fit it into your schedule.
These options and activities will change everything!
I am very excited you’re here.

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