99 Pennies Arcade

99 Pennies Arcade

    A Jumping Off Point

 Einstein said it best when he said The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  


This Page is here for your adventure and play.   Each time you click on a prompt   

(and pay 99 cents)

 you are going to be given an exciting activity to complete. And hey,  I know it’s less than a buck, but this is an important endeavor.   Be 100% committed to trying the activity, even if you’ve done something like this before or “it sounds dumb.”  

I’ve tried to cover the bases for artists, crafties, writers, musicians and blocked creatives of all kinds so there’s a little bit of each kind of challenge….they’re marked so you can tell which type. 

And it’s for the adventure, remember. You need that.  It takes you down the road to your happy place.

Focusing your talents and passions to lead to a life well lived.