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Welcome!  Let’s not beat around the bush.

We’re all about unblocking the blocked here;  Artists, Writers of all kinds, crafty creatives and innovators. We’re all about breathing new life, stoking the fire and spinning into the next exciting phase.  Welcome! 

If you want to get more out of  your creative tendencies you can do that right here.  Visual Artists, Innovators, Writers, Crafties and Musicians are all welcome .   This is  how you can start. There is a free Resources tab for links, article titles and books/authors and videos on creativity and innovation you may want to check out. There’s a game room,  called the 99 Pennies Arcade, where there are super inexpensive  (99 cents) prompts and ideas for creatives of all kinds. There is a  discussion board too so you can join in a conversation if you want to. You’ll find inspirational quotes and ideas and, the best part is, you’ll also find a tab for individual lessons geared at arousing your creativity and imagination and they’re just $3.99 each.  Go one by one or pick and choose.   The first one is free so you can see exactly what awaits you. Set up your email notifications to sign up for the freebie.   You will get inspiration, direction, motivation and private creative fun.

If you love what we do, and we’re sure you will, you’ll have the option of signing up for individual lessons, where you will find a fun workshop  in a slide format for you to enjoy at your pace,  a project to try,  and a word of the week to explore in your creativity journal (more on this in an upcoming post called “Creativity Journal” amazingly enough…..) You might start by signing up and saying hello so I know you’re here.   I’d be happy to  send you an inspiring  email alert once a week when a new lesson is being posted if you’d like.  All your contact information will be guarded and never shared.
In the meantime….start exploring, and I’ll bring you everything I can to inspire you and get you going. (So happy you’re here!)

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Focusing your talents and passions to lead to a life well lived.